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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> it's insane. the police think we're stupid. >> as rage groves a deadly shooting, police plan to make their case to the public what they say proves that the suspect fired first. the new twist in the phone hacking scandal that has unraveled the murdoch empire. good morning, it's tuesday, july 19. i'm grace lee. frank has the morning off. we are starting off this tuesday with a quick check of your traffic and weather. let's start off with kristy. good morning. how's it going today? >> good morning, grace. going well. hope it's goin well for you, too. heat advisories in the rest of
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the country but we hav comfortable heat. concord 84, plenty of sunshine, and even warmer temperatures in store. tell you about that in a little bit. but gianna has the driving conditions. >> good morning. accident-free but we have roadwork to look out for especially on the lower deck of the bay bridge off the skyway. also on the westbound side, as well. i'll have more details on that coming right up. back to you. >> thank you. san francisco's police chief will go into a troubled neighborhood tomorrow to talk with people who are outraged by a deadly police shooting that happened there. elizabeth wenger is in san francisco where there are different opinions about what happened in the bayview this weekend. elizabeth. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, grace. that's right. it's really divided the community here in the bayview district. we are outside the operahouse where they will have a town hall meeting tomorrow evening. the police chief will be here, city officials.
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it's all so they can get the facts out to the community here, who really is wanting to know answers as to what happened. police say that they have proof that this man, this is 19-year- old kenneth harding, fired at them first. in a news conference, police released audio of what they say was the actual sound of the shootout between police and the suspect saturday night. 10 shots in total. police say the first shot came from harding. the 19-year-old had a long record already convicted of the rape of a minor and attempt to force that 14-year-old into prostitution. now, that is according to seattle prosecutors. seattle police confirmed harding was a person of interest in the murder of a 19- year-old woman just days before he was shot and killed in san francisco. so obviously, a real sense of anger as you mentioned, this has divided the bayview community. they held a rally yesterday trying to get more answers but, of course, this town hall meeting tomorrow is supposed to help with that. coming up at 5:00, we'll show you cell phone video that
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witnesses captured at the scene of the shootout plus we'll hear from residents themselves, let them voice some of their opinions and what they are so angry about. grace, back to you. >> hopefully we'll get some answers this week. elizabeth wenger in san francisco, thank you. 4373a wind surfer went missing near coyote point north of the san mateo bridge. 62-year-old cassie cayton of los altos left her husband onshore around 5:00 last night and said that she would be back in half hour. when she failed to return by 7:00, her husband called 911. local water rescue teams looked for her in a coast guard cutter and helicopter and they are still searching. so far no sign of her. she is said to be an experienced wind surfer and was wearing a wet suit. we'll have a live report on the search coming up at 5. a new development in the search for 7 missing fishermen off baja, california. a friend of one of the
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fishermen tells the santa rosa press democrat that she is raising money to pay for a private dive team. lori wants to find a man from petaluma missing since the boat he was on sank on july 3. the u.s. coast guard and mexican navy stops searched last week after covering 7,000 square miles. a dozen people are homeless after a fire tore through their apartment in east san jose. a two-alarm fire broke out in the building on waverly avenue about 7:30 last night. it took an hour and a half to put it out. there were no injuries but three units were damaged. the cause is still under investigation. u.s. senate leaders are working on a bipartisan plan that could get around the nation's debt crisis. it would give president obama the four raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion in three installments if he agrees to a package of spending cuts.
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congress would only be able to override an increase with a two- thirds majority in both house and senate. meanwhile the house today is expected to pass a separate republican plan backed by the tea party but it is sure to fail in the senate. the president has also vowed to veto it. >> it would essentially required dismantlement of our social safety nets, social security, medicare and medicaid. >> if a debt ceiling plan is not in place by august 2, the federal government will run out of money. this is a look at the hearings going on now. this comes a day after the mysterious death of a key whistle-blower. charlie d'agata reports. >> mr. murdoch! >> reporter: now it's rupert murdoch himself who takes center stage in the unfolding hacking drama that has engulfed his empire. >> this is the best thing that could ever happen for critics o
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rupert murdoch to say he has too much power. >> reporter: murdoch and his son will tell british lawmakers how much they knew about accusations that their journalists paid off police and hanged into phone records. so will rebekah brooks who police are already investigating. controversy has forced the head of scotland yard and his deputy to resign over their alleged links to a former murdoch executive. the scandal has reached the highest levels of the british government with opposition leaders saying the prime minister himself has questions to answer about his close ties to the murdoch empire. >> at the moment if he is unable to provide the leadership the country needs. >> reporter: rebekah brooks is a friend and neighbor to the prime minister. the pair met repeatedly since cameron took office 14 months ago. the prime minister cut short a trip to africa and called for an emergency session of parliament. in a further twist to the scandal, police found one of the first whistle-blowers about
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hacking dead at his home. police are calling sean hoare's death unexplained but not suspicious. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. let's go back to parliament and take live look as the proceedings are going on. we understand that rupert murdoch is there and taking questions. now, the murdoch empire itself did fall victim to hackers just yesterday. someone seized control of their website of news corp's "the sun." this is a sister newspaper to the defunct "news of the world." the sun site briefly displayed a phony story that murdoch died and then redirected users to a hacker group's website. let's check your traffic and weather. kristy, not so bad yesterday. this is definitely improving. >> things are going up and we'll get even prettier and warmer to make our way into the middle of the week. this morning partly cloudy conditions inland, a little
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coastal fog out there and low clouds elsewhere but by this afternoon pretty nice temperatures and it's mild this morning, still seeing some 60s, 60 in redwood city, 62 for san jose, also 62 in concord. this afternoon high 80s. so 87 for fairfield, 85 livermore. 78 fremont. cooler in pacifica at 63. we are going to get hotter. tell you when in just a bit buy over to gianna with a look at the roads. >> not bad, in fact construction we reported on a few minutes ago but they wrapped it up early on the bay bridge eastbound right around the skyway so all lanes are now open through there. westbound looks like they are wrapping that up within the next few minutes. live look at the bay bridge upper deck no troubles everything good in both directions. now, we have some roadwork in the south bay. southbound 880 connector to north 280. that is shut down until 5:00. so about 20 more minutes on that. the rest of the south bay problem-free. let's get live look at conditions along 101. we have a photographer standing
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by near alum rock. no troubles here. you can see traffic moving up to speed through this portion of the freeway. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. major layoffs at a san jose tech giant. plus the final chapter for a struggling bookstore chain. and cameras help nab a pair of suspected mommy burglars. how they are accused of taking a baby on a crime spree. and feel awkward friending mom and dad? there is a new study which exposes what parents are really doing on facebook. ,, ,,,,
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judge today, on charges of taking a 4-month old baby on a crime spree. two oakland women are expected to face a judge today on charges of taking a four- month-old baby on a crime spree. police say the baby's mother, rave stewart, and her friend -- raven stewart, and her friend started breaking into cars in berkeley and emeryville around noon last friday. officers caught them at 8 p.m.
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after a security camera captured one of the crimes in emeryville. the pictures were sent to local security firms and they were spotted trying to return stolen items to a target. >> women don't tend to be the ones that go around doing burglaries in the daytime. but what really threw us for a loop was the fact that they had a four-month-old baby with them. >> the baby was taken into protective custody and later turned over to another family member. amazon is getting the green light to move ahead with an effort to overturn california's online tax collection law. the etailer needs to collect about a half million signatures to get its referendum on the ballot. the soonest it could come up for a vote of june 2012. so far, amazon has not been collecting a sales tax and the "sacramento bee" reports that if the referendum qualifies for the ballot, the straight have to drop this part of the -- the state will have to drop this part of the new sales tax law until voters can weigh in. the borders bookstore chain will soon be a thing of the past. the company couldn't find a
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buyer to get it out of bankruptcy proceedings. so liquidation of borders' nearly 400 remaining stores will begin as soon as monday and they are all likely to be gone by late september. no more lingering in borders. nearly 11,000 employees will lose their jobs. we have heard 5,000, we have heard 10,000, but this morning cisco confirms that it is laying off 6500 people. the san jose-based company announced last week that it plan to cut $1 billion from its fiscal year budget. 2100 employees are taking early retirement. now, they are included in cisco's layoff number. employees will find out during the first week of august if they will be let go. elsewhere in silicon valley, some reason to be upbeat. that's nice. a new study suggests valley employers expect a 15% increase in jobs in the next two years. sunnyvale-based nova led the study but not all the news is good. the study also says that there
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is a short average qualified workers in certain fields that would include cloud computing, mobile technology as well as social networking. well, looks like we not real reason that a lot of parents are on facebook. we know what you're doing. a majority admit they are spying on their kids. an internet security firm found that 55% of u.s. parents use facebook to keep an eye on their children. 24% confess it was the only way to find out what they were up to. and 6% said it helps them avoid having awkward conversations. history in the making. atlantaics takes another step -- atlantis takes another step toward closing the space shuttle chapter. this is california. we have the beach. everybody wants to look decent. >> is it something in the water? why bay area cities are tops in the country when it comes to living the longest. and now what they say it's not the size of the dog in the
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fight. how a feisty chihauhau stopped a pair of armed robbers in their tracks. and finally after days of cloud cover, we are clear for take off out of sfo this morning. temperatures going to make it to about the 73-degree mark today and plenty of sunshine around the bay area. in chicago, warmer temperatures and rain, 86 the high there today and chance of thunderstorms later on this afternoon. warm temperatures as you make your way to new york today also 92, mostly sunny skies, and a full look at the bay area forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the international space station... ending the very atlantis station is in attitude control. >> thanks. >> today the space shuttle atlantis undocked from the international space station ending the very last rendezvous between the shuttle and the station. the two spacecraft were nearly 250 miles above the pacific when they parted company. atlantis left behind a year of supplies. it's scheduled to land in florida on thursday marking the conclusion of the 30-year shuttle program. back here on earth, a dust storm has clouded the phoenix area for the second time this month. you can just see how poor the
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visibility was yesterday. that's horrible! the cloud was 3,000 feet high with winds gusting at 40 miles per hour. now, this is called a haboob, more common in the sarah has desert in the middle east. and no relief in the middle of the country from a blister heat wave extending from texas to minnesota and the dakotas. temperatures have been over 100 degrees and that is likely to continue all week expanding to the east. already there have been several heat-related deaths in the midwest. no heat wave here in the bay area put we are seeing a warmup and plenty of sunshine by this afternoon. we are clear in some spots around the bay this morning, partly cloudy in others in the inland locations, seeing a little fog out there at the coastline and conditions are pretty mild for the most part, still seeing some 60-degree readings throughout this morning so not too chilly outside. by this afternoon, warming up nicely. temperatures simple floor what we were seeing yesterday, maybe squeezing out a degree or two
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more in some locations. so inland, mid- to high 80s around the bay. plenty of sunshine, seeing readings in the mid-70s. at the coastline we are actually going to see the sun today. mix of sun and clouds and temperatures there in the mid- 60s this afternoon. the low pressure is moving out. we are seeing an area of high pressure from the southeast build in. that's bringing us warmer air and warmer conditions. and more sunshine for actually the next several days and the rest of northern california, getting plenty of sunshine, as well. sacramento making it to 88 today, also 88 for redding. eureka and ukiah saw showers yesterday. not the case today. partly cloudy conditions and sunshine peeking out for ukaih. monterey cooler at 68, yosemite beautiful today 86 degrees mix of sun and clouds. temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood looks like this. 80 the high today in los altos, 81 for sunnyvale and san jose. 87 in morgan hill so getting close to 90. but not quite breaking it yet. east bay 87 in brentwood.
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83 in danville. 76 for hayward so certainly pleasant there and 74 for alameda. up into the north bay seeing similar conditions up in -- we are actually going to see warmer conditions for san rafael 80 there today, 79 for kentfield, 84 benicia, 62 stinson beach so cooler at the coast today 80 for petaluma and 38 for santa rosa. so plenty of 80s and getting warmer as we make our way into wednesday. we are going to be in the 90s inland and continuing to see sunshine and warmer readings for the next couple of days then a slight dip in temperature for the weekend in the 90s, beautiful weather and then dropping down to the high 80s but still great conditions for the start of next week. do you have any fan plans for the all the sunshine? >> i'm going to enjoy the beach. we don't always get to do that in pacifica but i will this week. if you are planning on hitting the roads, live look at conditions in san jose, north- and southbound 101 good near alum rock no troubles.
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traffic clear along the peninsula as well northbound. roadwork south 880 connector to northbound 280 shut down until 5:00. this is an ongoing closure so plan for that. also 58 near 101 roadwork there, as well. over to marin county, northbound 101 ramp eastbound 37 shut down at least until 6:00 for road construction. we are also seeing road construction between atherton and 37 in both directions and south 101 seeing some slight delays out of marin county until they clear up the cones. south there was not too bad approaching the golden gate bridge. traffic light as you work your way across the span into san francisco. jumping back to our maps right now, if you are making your way towards the san mateo bridge, so far, so good. dumbarton bridge we are seeing some roadwork. that should be wrapped up within the next half hour, various lanes blocked until then but again if you want to use the san mateo bridge in the meantime, good here. both directions clear. about 13 to 14 minutes as you
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work your way between 880 and 101. elsewhere, if you are headed along the bay bridge, better news here. also we have some roadwork eastbound coming off those skyways on the lower deck. westbound roadwork near treasure island is wrapped up early. so things are nice. if you are taking 880 towards the maze, no troubles there. northbound able to 880 to the maze, all clear to altamont pass. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. and the victorious champions of women's soccer returned home to a hero's welcome today in japan. their plane taxied under a triumphal arc of water then the players disembarked carrying flowers and the world cup trophy. japan defeated the united states on sunday in germany. later today, the japanese players get to meet with prime minister kahn. the giants have a date with
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the president. that's right. the theme visit the white house next monday to be honored by president obama for their world series victory. the white house also says that the president plans to recognize the team's service to the community. living here in the bay area gives you a good chance of living a long life. san jose came in at number one in the study. men there can expect to pass their 79th birthdays, women 83. in san francisco, ranked 8 with men living nearly 76, women 82.5. oakland 15th with men living more than 76 years and women 81. elizabeth cook with a look into the study. >> reporter: it could be the weather. >> it's always temperate, very nice. even during the winter, it's not that cold. >> reporter: or the location. >> being three hours from just about anything you can do, snowboarding, surfing, running. >> reporter: or maybe it's the lifestyle. >> a lot of families, very family-friendly. >> reporter: people in san jose
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live longer. >> maybe that's because we work out. >> reporter: the daily beast and cdc study looked at decades' worth of life-span data. the west coast had the majority of the spots on the list of 20 cities. california having the most out of all the states. >> this is california. we have the beach. everybody wants to look decent. so we are healthier than others maybe. >> reporter: even tourists like matt from ireland are basking in san jose's youthful glow. >> i'm not surprised people live longer because it's laid back, relaxed, looks good, place looks clean. >> actually moved to oregon and arizona and we both came back because we love it as well. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, cbs 5. >> all right. elizabeth also reports that the study didn't indicate why people actually live longer in san jose and other top cities on the list. interesting look there. all right. for the first time, a new study links secondhand smoke to hearing loss. the research comes from nyu's school of medicine. experts say that the risk of hearing loss nearly doubles
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when teenagers are exposed to secondhand smoke. kids are exposed to cigarette smoke performed worse in every sound frequency tested. scientists suspect that the hearing loss may be due to damage to the ear's blood supply. if watching your waistline is your goal you might want to try using a larger fork. researchers gave out two sets of silverware at an italian restaurant. there were regular forks and forks that held 20% more food. the people who used the larger forks left nearly twice as much food on their plates. the study's authors say that it appears small bites do not provide the feeling of being full as well as larger bites do. so break out the big forks. all right. biting is not just for chewing food anymore. just ask a chihauhau. his name is paco. he is from los angeles county. and last week, two hoodlums tried to rob an altadena smoke shop. paco who just moved into the neighborhood kept barking and
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biting at those would-be robbers. he actually scared them off. >> i was shocked! normally he is really laid back. he just sits back and take it easy. so i finally said to him, i told his owner, he finally earned his keep. you been feeding him all this time! >> he certainly did earn his keep. the thugs good way with $200 but luckily, no one was hurt. all thanks to that little 10- pound dog paco. all right. 4:56 now. california's colleges paying out those big salaries while students suffer. the new push to rein in the raising. plus a massive search for a missing wind surfer in the san francisco bay. this coast guard is expected to -- the coast guard is expected to give us an update shortly. while they are still holding out hope that she is alive. >> and a growing sense of anger in the san francisco bayview district after a weekend officer-involved shooting. why police are now holding a town hall meeting and some new questions about the gun used in the shootout. it's all coming up in a live
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report. and one of the world's biggest media moguls faces a grilling today. the strange new twist to britain's phone hacking scandal. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. an all-night search continues for a missing wind surfer on the san francisco bay. why the coast guard is still hopeful she could be alive. >> it's insane. now? the police think that we're -- you know, the police think that we're stupid. >> police try to stem the outrage over a deadly shooting in san francisco. the evidence they say proves the suspect fired first. good morning, it's tuesday, july 19. i'm grace lee. frank is off. we'll have all your news in just a moment but first a quick check of the traffic and weather. we start off with kristy seifkin. good morning. >> good morning. it's going great. after having lots of cloud cover last week people are like, when is the sun going to come? it's back into the picture. warm temperatures. 84 today in concord, san jose at 81. san francisco 70. oakland will be beautiful, plenty of sun. we are going to make ien


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